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Software Development Project Proposal – Sample

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Software Development Client – RFP Response


Custom Software by Preston Background

With over ten years of experience, Custom Software by Preston has managed projects ranging from custom eCommerce Magento based websites to building mission critical .Net enterprise software. We have a ten-member team of the best and brightest software developers in the Chicago area, each of whom combines a depth of knowledge of business processes with extensive technical expertise. We work as a team to obtain a comprehensive understanding of our client’s businesses to produce practical software solutions to meet their needs efficiently, effectively, and in a manner which offers maintainability and extensibility. Our software development company works with companies of all sizes in many diverse industries. Custom Software by Preston has the right team and the right skills to handle your development project from start to finish.

We pride ourselves not merely on our technical proficiency, but on our integrity and ability to understand and communicate with each of our clients. We will provide the best options and solutions, and to clearly communicate these software development options to our clients to enable them to make the best use of their resources. The principal of the company, Brett Miller, is available by cell phone seven days a week to meet any customer concerns, as are many of the software developers themselves. Custom Software by Preston does not want to work for you; we want to work with you for our mutual success.

Software Development Project Description

The Software Development Client has requested the creation of a Secure Web Application, which is a designed to guide insurance agents through the process of creating competitive quotes for potential insurance customers. The application utilizes standard web services to attain competitive and corporate rate information (for comparison) …

… Confidential Details …

The web application will be a web based solution using the supported corporate Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers. It will be developed using ASP.Net MVC and Sql Server 2008. This is based on the superior performance, reliability and availability of qualified developers to support the application for the long run.

Our attached Software Development Portfolio clearly demonstrates the vast experience we have in building this type of solution.

Software Development Approach

We believe in a phased approach, allowing us to first evaluate and document the exact software development requirements of the project in the abstract, and then future phases of implementing and testing the solution.

Our first software development phase will focus on gaining a thorough understanding of the full scope of the project, based on consistent two-way communication (written and verbal). During this first phase, we will need a great deal of input from the Software Development Client. The deliverables for this phase of the software project are thorough functional and technical specifications and a project plan that details the breakdown of deliverables in distinct sub phases, timelines, milestones and their exact costs. These deliverables help ensure project success and help facilitate clear communication by all stakeholders before implementation begins.

Upon approval of this roadmap, we would proceed to implement each sub phase using standard programming and project techniques.

Depending on the availability of your internal team members, we feel that we can complete our initial phase within two to three weeks and the full project within four months. There are many decisions to be made during a software development project that can affect the timeline and hours that are required for the project. We will advise you of the costs, benefits, and drawbacks for each option and allow you to make the ultimate decision.

Software Development Project Deliverables

The delivered application is designed to be comprehensive and provide a solution that will work well in the long-term, while also remaining economically efficient to the problems faced today.

Our ultimate deliverable goes beyond a well-tested production-ready software application. We also provide project specification, clear design documents, user / technical manuals, and a testing / development environment so that development can easily continue beyond the scope of this project.

While our goal is a long-term relationship with Software Development Client, as professionals, we will produce a structure that can be maintained or extended by anyone familiar with .Net and Sql Server.

Software Development Project Estimate

Our initial estimate is offered here. Please bear in mind that this is an estimate and not a guarantee that the project can be completed in the indicated time or cost. Figures may need to be modified as the exact requirements of the project become clearer. At the conclusion of Phase 1, these estimates will be converted into a fix bid.




Phase 1
Analysis 60 60
Documenting Requirements 16 16
Phase 2
Confidential Details 300 400
Phase 3
Confidential Details 250 300
Implementation 14 14
Total 640 790
Hourly Rate Learn More
Project Estimate Learn More

Software Project Billing Based on Milestones

Down Payment 20%
Analysis / Design Completion 20%
Phase 2 Completion 20%
Phase 3 Completion 20%
Implementation 20%

Software Development Team Availability

We will establish specific deliverable timetables based on the Software Development Clients schedule and requirements. We are currently anticipating a two month project timeframe. Should you decide to move forward, we have three software development team members who would be ready to begin the project two weeks from the date of acceptance. I will personally act as Client Liaison / Project Manager and will be involved with your project on an on-going basis.

We will also be available for any additional services and support upon project completion. We are dedicated to partnering with your company to create the most cost-effective, reliable software development solution possible.


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